Revolutionary RS drills

2. 5. 2022

A major innovation in the field of drilling is the ground-breaking RS universal drill bits.

RS drills are dimensionally compliant with DIN338 in the HSS version, but their major contribution is the completely new tip geometry in the form of a stepped drill bit and an open helix for good chip and chip evacuation. The drills are very suitable for hand drilling, where the shank is fitted with three surfaces to prevent spinning in the drill chuck. Thanks to the tip and subsequent steps, there is no need to pre-drill holes in common materials using the centering drill principle. The resulting holes are characterised by much better machining and roundness, eliminating the usual shortcomings of hand drilling. The special geometry also prevents material from being chipped out at the back of the hole. RS drill bits are distributed in two types of sets - small and large, and also by the piece.

We are also responding to new customer suggestions in the drill bit range and, in addition to the new type W drills for aluminium machining, we are expanding our range to include drills to DIN338 and DIN340 with the T100 deep drilling geometry.

We are also expanding our range of sets, adding sets (small and large) of DIN338 TIN coated drills to our range.