The Machining Division was established in 2021. We are dedicated to streamlining existing tool production using the latest CNC machines and tools. We then offer spare production capacities to external customers for cooperation. We specialize in the mass production of small and very small precision parts in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and the subsequent inspection of products is carried out on modern 3D measuring equipment.

Together with the Tooling and Forging divisions, we are able to provide complete manufacturing solutions.



  • 5-axis milling centre
  • 280 mm diameter rotary table
  • working area X = 350 mm, Y = 400 mm, Z = 330 mm
  • spindle speed 10.000 rpm

Hexagon GLOBAL S Green 5.7.5

  • coordinate measuring machine
  • working area X = 500 mm, Y = 700 mm, Z = 500 mm