History and present

Tradition of manufacture of milling cutters dates back to the 30th of the 20th century when production of tools was of the parts of engineering production of the Baťa concern. Production of tools made of high-speed steels (HSS) was commenced on the basis of preceding experience in the early 50s. This production already came under Závody přesného strojírenství (Precise Engineering Works) company known under the abbreviation ZPS world-famous in particular for production of machine tools. The subsidiary company ZPS-FRÉZOVACÍ NÁSTROJE a.s. was established within ZPS a.s.. ZPS–FRÉZOVACÍ NÁSTROJE a.s. has been an independent company since June 2001. The company consists of two manufacturing divisions: Division Cutters and Division Heat treatment.

Long-term tradition and experience, high quality of products, dense distribution network and favourable prices help to maintain a high share of the domestic market and continuing growth of export in demanding, mainly European markets. ZPS – FRÉZOVACÍ NÁSTROJE a.s. is the biggest czech manufacturer of milling cutters made of high-speed steels. Germany is a dominant export region nowadays. The offer of services in the field of thermal processing of tool steels and other metals that includes in particular hardening, tempering and ion (plasma) nitriding has a great importance in the scope of regional activities of the company.

Cooperation with educational institutions

ZPS-FRÉZOVACÍ NÁSTROJE a.s. collaborates with several universities and secondary schools. Close cooperation has been established with Secondary Technical School of the Polytechnic - training center in Zlín, where among other things we financially support the best students of selected engineering disciplines and we also provide tools for schooling.