Production of milling cutters developed from the historically oldest part of the company. Its head office is situated in the building No. 71 of the industrial premises in Zlín.

Milling cutters made of standard high-speed steels such as HSS, HSSCo5, HSSCo8 and HSSE-PM are a subject of production. To improve a use value of our milling cutters, we offer the TiAlN universal coat as a standard part of our production range. The milling cutters comply with DIN and ČSN or potentially PN standards.

The production range includes a wide offer of not only shank milling cutters (plain, slotting, copying ones) but also cutters with Morse taper, steep taper, form cutters with both shank and hole, disk cutters and last but not the least, special customized milling cutters.