Historically, the word tool has been taken to mean a means or aid used in manual or mechanical processing to change the size or shape of the object being worked.
Today, the definition of the word tool has probably not changed much, but the range of machine tools has grown in an unprecedented way.

Our company, located in the 71st building of the industrial complex in Zlín, produces milling cutters made of classic high-speed steels, which include HSS, HSSCo5, HSSCo8 and HSSE-PM conforming to DIN and CSN standards.
The product range includes a wide range of not only shank milling cutters (cylindrical, slotted, coping), but also Morse cone milling cutters, steep cone milling cutters, shaped milling cutters with a shank and with a hole, disc milling cutters and last but not least special cutters according to customer requirements.

All our products are manufactured on CNC machines with high precision and productivity.
The top quality of the final machining is guaranteed by CNC grinding machines of the Junker, Walter and Rollomatic brands.