The Hardening Division provides a wide range of heat treatment services (vacuum hardening and subsequent tempering, ion nitriding, metal freezing or annealing and other services). The division was created from a production centre dedicated to in-house heat treatment of manufactured tools in 1992. In that year, the original equipment was replaced by modern quenching and tempering furnaces, the technological possibilities were expanded and the capacity was increased, so the division began to provide heat treatment services to external customers, especially from Zlín and the surrounding area. The range of customers was expanded by introducing a delivery service for customers from more distant areas (Zlín Region, North Moravian Region, Olomouc Region, South Moravian Region, West Slovakia).

Thanks to modern equipment, qualified personnel and a comprehensive information system, we provide our customers with high quality services including advice on materials and heat treatment technology. Quality documents with required and achieved values are included in the delivery. On request, we supply records of the heat treatment process. We are able to provide metallographic analyses, mechanical tests, including analyses of the chemical composition of the material.