Ruebig PN 70/120 DUO

Working space diameter 700 mm. Furnace depth 1200 mm. Working temperature 460 to 520 °C. Working gases nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, argon.

Nitriding belongs to the chemical-heat treatment processes, it is the saturation of the steel surface with nitrogen at a temperature of 480 to 520 °C, the hardness of the nitriding layer depends on the content of alloying elements in the steel forming hard nitrides (Cr,Al,Mo,V,W). The nitriding layer consists of two parts, on the surface there is a layer a few micrometres thick, the so-called white layer consisting of an intermetallic compound of iron and nitrogen, underneath this layer there is a diffusion layer which extends to a depth of a few tenths of a mm depending on the nitriding time.


At the end of the plasma nitriding process, a surface treatment of oxidation in water vapour at 520°C can be included in the process, thus obtaining a grey, corrosion-resistant layer on the surface.