Steel charakteristic


High-speed steel of medium performance, suitable for milling cutters of smaller diameters and for milling of materials with strength of up to 900 MPa with respect to its toughness.


Cast high-performance high-speed steel with good toughness suitable in particular for tools of larger dimensions and disk cutters.


High-performance high-speed steel with good toughness for milling cutters and milling of materials with strength of up to 1200 MPa.


High-performance steel with good toughness and excellent thermal resistance. It is suitable in particular for milling of highly tough materials, austenitic steels, steels for hot forming etc.


Extra high performance high speed steel produced by powder metallurgy. It has a homogeneous structure resulting in higher dimension stability and longer tool life. It is applicable for machining of materials with very high strength and materials hard to machine, such as Titanium and its alloys. The milling cutters made from this material are delivered with AlTiN coating as a standard.