VS92010.025High-speed steel HSSDIN 333A
Material HSS
Centre drills 60°, form A
D d l1 l2Item codeOn stock
6,32,5453,1 - 3,8 VS92010.025 Yes

Cutting conditions


P.1 | Free-cutting steels, general construction steels≤ 600 N/mm²
P.2 | General construction steels, steel castings≤ 850 N/mm²
N.1 | Aluminium, Aluminium cast alloys Si (Si ≤ 6%)≤ 400 N/mm²
N.4 | Cooper-zinc alloys, cooper-tin alloys≤ 800 N/mm²

Calculations of cutting conditions

Product attributes

Material HSS

Material HSS

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High speed steel of average performance, it is applicable especially for cutters of smaller diameters and for milling of materials up to the strength of 900 MPa.