Ball nose end mills long, 2-fluted, type N, plain shank, coating AlTiN
k 12
h 6
l1 l2 Z Item codeOn stock
1,5365772S511602.030 Yes
2465782S511602.040 Yes
2,55657102S511602.050 Yes
36657102S511602.060 Yes
48863162S511602.080 Yes
5101072192S511602.100 Yes
6121283222S511602.120 Yes
7141483222S511602.140 Yes
8161692262S511602.160 Yes
9181892262S511602.180 Yes
102020104322S511602.200 No

Cutting conditions





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P.1 | Free-cutting steels, general construction steels≤ 600 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD2600.0450.
P.3 | Tool steels low alloyed≤ 1100 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD1800.0450.
P.5 | Tool steels high alloyed≤ 1100 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD1200.0450.
M.1 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels≤ 750 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD1100.0450.
M.2 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels750 - 850 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD1000.0450.
K.1 | Cast iron (≤ 240 HB)≤ 820 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD2000.0450.
K.2 | Cast iron (> 240 HB)> 800 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD1500.0450.
N.1 | Aluminium, Aluminium cast alloys Si (Si ≤ 6%)≤ 400 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD3000.0450.
N.4 | Cooper-zinc alloys, cooper-tin alloys≤ 800 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD4500.0450.
H.1 | Hardened materials (< 54 HRC)≤ 1920 N/mm²0,025xD0,05xD800.0450.

Calculations of cutting conditions

Product attributes

Clamping element

Clamping element

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Plain straight shank according to DIN 6535 HA.
Tool geometry

Tool geometry

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Helix angle = 30°. Rake angle = 12°.
Solid carbide

Solid carbide

Oil coolant.

Oil coolant.

Type N

Type N

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Universal usage. Suitable for materials up to strength 900 MPa.
Feed direction possibility

Feed direction possibility

Coating AlTiN

Coating AlTiN

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Offers similar qualities as TiAlN, but even higher hardness. Substanial temperature stability. Designed for the most demanding applications. It provides excellent result mainly when combined with HSSE-PM steels (ASP 2030). The milling cutters manufactured from this steel are coated with AlTiN as standard.