722531High speed steel bi-metal HSS-M51
Bi-metal band saw blades, Solid Ultra series, V-POS

The belts are ordered by meters, i.e. 1 piece = 1 meter. If you want to weld the belt, please also add the weld for the respective width (6 - 34 mm or 41 - 80 mm) to the cart. If you want more strips, order the total length of strips (sum of all strips required) and the corresponding number of welds. You can specify your requirements (different strip lengths, etc...) in the notes in the basket.

Cutting conditions


P.3 | Tool steels low alloyed≤ 1100 N/mm²
P.4 | Heat treatable steels≤ 900 N/mm²
P.5 | Tool steels high alloyed≤ 1100 N/mm²
P.6 | Tool and treated steels> 1100 N/mm²
M.1 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels≤ 750 N/mm²
M.2 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels750-850 N/mm²
M.3 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels> 850 N/mm²
N.4 | Cooper-zinc alloys, cooper-tin alloys≤ 850 N/mm²
S.1 | Chrome-nickel alloys≤ 1500 N/mm²

Calculations of cutting conditions