Reconstruction of the shell of building No. 71

In the 3rd week of 2022, the long-planned and prepared renovation of Building 71, the headquarters of ZPS-FRÉZOVACÍ NÁSTROJE a.s., started with the aim of reducing the energy consumption of the operation and improving the quality of the working environment for all employees.

This project is linked to the subsidy program "Reduction of energy consumption of the industrial building ZPS - FRÉZOVACÍ NÁSTROJE a.s.", which was one of the main reasons for the delay of the entire implementation, which was originally planned to start in 2019.

As the 71st building is part of the conservation area in the former Bata factory complex in the centre of Zlín, it is necessary to respect and comply with all the rules defined by the conservation administration. 

The implementation itself is divided into the following 4 stages:

1. Replacement of the original windows with plastic ones 
2. Reconstruction of lighting with LED luminaires
3. Repair and insulation of the building envelope
4. Waterproofing of the roof 

Despite the fact that we are facing a challenging year when this refurbishment has to be carried out during normal operations, this project is key to the future of the company and strengthening its position in the local labour market. Today, a representative building and a quality working environment are important standards for responsible employers, including ZPS-FRÉZOVACÍ NÁSTROJE a.s.