ECTA 2018

Mr Michal Grepl, director of ZPS-FN company has participated on ECTA conference (European Cutting Tools Association) in the italian city Stresa, by the Miggiore lakeside on 3.-5. May 2018. This conference have visited 66 delegates and their companions arriving from 14 countries, including USA, China, South Korea.

The main content of presentations was focused economical situation on global market and political situation not only in EU. On basis of these information, experts are expecting that global economy crises will impact market latest till the year 2020.It´s just a question how big will be this crises and all of us hope, that not as big as in the year 2009. Second important topic, that was highlighted on the conference is the team working and communication in companies that is the best and most important way for increasing productivity and future business success. So the fenomenon industry 4.0 is not about robots and automatization, because this is just a result of efficient working with our employees, that should help us at first to reach higher efficiency not only in production. If the efficiency grows, we will be more competitive and stronger on the global market.