Alu program

5. 5. 2022

Dear Customers, Allow me to introduce the new products of the company ZPS-FRÉZOVACÍ NÁSTROJE a.s., by which we respond to the market demand not only of our customers in the segment of metal cutting.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in demand for tools with optimised cutting geometry for aluminium alloys. That is why last year we already started the preparation of a selected range for this type of very specific machining, where universal tools fail for various reasons.

Our direct response, especially for better customer orientation in this tooling segment, is then a specially targeted catalog - Alu program (you could download here / online here). It is a selection of all the well-known tools that have been part of our offer for a long time and a selection of completely new tools that are commonly used by customers in this field.

Newly you will find milling cutters with corner radiuses, internal cooling for better heat resistance and teeth flutes flushing, cutters with reduced necks for deeper milling, one flute end mills with polished tooth gap, cutters with left helix for bottom chips removal, DIN 338 HSS drills type W or high-performance SK drills with ZrN coating and internal cooling. A major advance in productivity and quality of hand drilling is brought by the revolutionary RS drills with geometry for aluminium and other soft materials.

In case of commercial success, we plan to further expand this range of tools to meet the needs of customers involved in the machining of aluminium alloys.