End mils extra long, type NR, 30°, Weldon shank
k 10
h 6
l1 l2 Z Item codeOn stock
1010110604125215E.100 Yes
1212137804125215E.120 Yes
1412137804125215E.140 Yes
16161601004125215E.160 Yes
18161601004125215E.180 Yes
20201911254125215E.200 Yes
22201911255125215E.220 Yes
25252161405125215E.250 Yes
28252161405125215E.280 Yes
30252161405125215E.300 Yes
32322601806125215E.320 Yes

Cutting conditions





Ø 10

Ø 12

Ø 16

Ø 20

Ø 25

Ø 32
P.1 | Free-cutting steels, general construction steels≤ 600 N/mm²4xD0,2xD280.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
P.2 | General construction steels, steel castings≤ 850 N/mm²4xD0,2xD230.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
P.3 | Tool steels low alloyed≤ 1100 N/mm²4xD0,2xD290.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
P.4 | Heat treatable steels≤ 900 N/mm²4xD0,2xD170.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
P.5 | Tool steels high alloyed≤ 1100 N/mm²4xD0,2xD120.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
M.1 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels≤ 750 N/mm²4xD0,2xD170.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
M.2 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels750 - 850 N/mm²4xD0,2xD150.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
M.3 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels> 850 N/mm²4xD0,2xD130.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
K.1 | Cast iron (≤ 240 HB)≤ 820 N/mm²4xD0,2xD280.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
N.4 | Cooper-zinc alloys, cooper-tin alloys≤ 850 N/mm²4xD0,2xD320.060.0670.0810.110.14950.161
S.2 | Titanium, Titanium alloys≤ 1250 N/mm²4xD0,2xD110.0420.04690.05670.0770.10470.1127

Calculations of cutting conditions

Product attributes

Clamping element

Clamping element

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Straight shank with clamping flat (Weldon) according to DIN 1835 B.
Type NR

Type NR

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For roughing operation and materials of lower and medium strength (up to 700 MPa), surface roughness Ra 12,5 and more.
Feed direction possibility

Feed direction possibility

Company norm

Company norm

Tool geometry

Tool geometry

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Helix angle = 30°. Rake angle = 12°.
Material HSS Co5

Material HSS Co5

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Very high performance high speed steel with good toughness for milling cutters and for milling of materials up to the strength of 1200 MPa.