End mils extra long, type N, 30°, Weldon shank
k 10
h 6
l1 l2 Z Item codeOn stock
1010110604121215E.100 Yes
1212137804121215E.120 Yes
1412137804121215E.140 Yes
16161601004121215E.160 Yes
18161601005121215E.180 Yes
20201911255121215E.200 Yes
22201911255121215E.220 Yes
25252161406121215E.250 No
28252161406121215E.280 Yes
30252161406121215E.300 Yes
32322601806121215E.320 Yes

Cutting conditions





Ø 10

Ø 12

Ø 16

Ø 20

Ø 25

Ø 32
P.1 | Free-cutting steels, general construction steels≤ 600 N/mm²4xD0,2xD280.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
P.2 | General construction steels, steel castings≤ 850 N/mm²4xD0,2xD230.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
P.3 | Tool steels low alloyed≤ 1100 N/mm²4xD0,2xD290.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
P.4 | Heat treatable steels≤ 900 N/mm²4xD0,2xD170.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
P.5 | Tool steels high alloyed≤ 1100 N/mm²4xD0,2xD120.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
M.1 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels≤ 750 N/mm²4xD0,2xD170.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
M.2 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels750 - 850 N/mm²4xD0,2xD150.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
M.3 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels> 850 N/mm²4xD0,2xD130.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
K.1 | Cast iron (≤ 240 HB)≤ 820 N/mm²4xD0,2xD280.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
N.4 | Cooper-zinc alloys, cooper-tin alloys≤ 850 N/mm²4xD0,2xD320.0460.05410.06330.08050.110.13
S.2 | Titanium, Titanium alloys≤ 1250 N/mm²4xD0,2xD110.03220.03780.04430.05640.0770.091

Calculations of cutting conditions

Product attributes

Clamping element

Clamping element

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Straight shank with clamping flat (Weldon) according to DIN 1835 B.
Type N

Type N

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Universal usage. Suitable for materials up to strength 900 MPa.
Feed direction possibility

Feed direction possibility

Company norm

Company norm

Tool geometry

Tool geometry

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Helix angle = 30°. Rake angle = 12°.
Material HSS Co5

Material HSS Co5

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Very high performance high speed steel with good toughness for milling cutters and for milling of materials up to the strength of 1200 MPa.