Tapper shank drills, jobber series, pasivation
D MK l1 l2Item codeOn stock
5113352VK10010.0500 Yes
5,1113352VK10010.0510 No
5,2113352VK10010.0520 Yes
5,3113352VK10010.0530 No
5,5113857VK10010.0550 Yes
5,7113857VK10010.0570 No
5,8113857VK10010.0580 Yes
6113857VK10010.0600 Yes
6,1114463VK10010.0610 No
6,2114463VK10010.0620 Yes
6,3114463VK10010.0630 Yes
6,4114463VK10010.0640 Yes
6,5114463VK10010.0650 Yes
6,6114463VK10010.0660 Yes
6,7114463VK10010.0670 Yes
6,8115069VK10010.0680 Yes
7115069VK10010.0700 Yes
7,5115069VK10010.0750 No
8115675VK10010.0800 Yes
8,2115675VK10010.0820 No
8,5115675VK10010.0850 Yes
9116281VK10010.0900 Yes
9,5116281VK10010.0950 No
10116887VK10010.1000 Yes
10,2116887VK10010.1020 Yes
10,5116887VK10010.1050 Yes
11117594VK10010.1100 Yes
11,5117594VK10010.1150 Yes
121182101VK10010.1200 Yes
12,11182101VK10010.1210 No
12,41182101VK10010.1240 No
12,51182101VK10010.1250 Yes
131182101VK10010.1300 Yes
13,21182101VK10010.1320 No
13,51189108VK10010.1350 Yes
141189108VK10010.1400 Yes
152212114VK10010.1500 Yes
15,52218120VK10010.1550 Yes
162218120VK10010.1600 No
16,52223125VK10010.1650 Yes
172223125VK10010.1700 Yes
17,52228130VK10010.1750 Yes
182228130VK10010.1800 Yes
18,52233135VK10010.1850 Yes
192233135VK10010.1900 Yes
19,52238140VK10010.1950 Yes
19,752238140VK10010.1975 Yes
202238140VK10010.2000 Yes
20,252243145VK10010.2025 Yes
20,52243145VK10010.2050 Yes
20,752243145VK10010.2075 Yes
212243145VK10010.2100 Yes
21,52248150VK10010.2150 Yes
222248150VK10010.2200 Yes
22,52253155VK10010.2250 Yes
232253155VK10010.2300 Yes
23,53276155VK10010.2350 Yes
23,753281160VK10010.2375 Yes
243281160VK10010.2400 Yes
24,253281160VK10010.2425 Yes
24,53281160VK10010.2450 Yes
24,753281160VK10010.2475 No
253281160VK10010.2500 Yes
25,253286165VK10010.2525 Yes
25,53286165VK10010.2550 Yes
25,753286165VK10010.2575 Yes
263286165VK10010.2600 Yes
26,253286165VK10010.2625 Yes
26,53286165VK10010.2650 Yes
26,753291170VK10010.2675 No
273291170VK10010.2700 Yes
27,253291170VK10010.2725 No
27,53291170VK10010.2750 No
27,753291170VK10010.2775 No
283291170VK10010.2800 Yes
28,253296175VK10010.2825 No
28,53296175VK10010.2850 Yes
28,753296175VK10010.2875 Yes
293296175VK10010.2900 Yes
29,53296175VK10010.2950 Yes
29,753296175VK10010.2975 No
303296175VK10010.3000 Yes
30,253301180VK10010.3025 Yes
30,53301180VK10010.3050 Yes
30,753301180VK10010.3075 No
313301180VK10010.3100 Yes
31,53301180VK10010.3150 Yes
31,753306185VK10010.3175 Yes
324334185VK10010.3200 Yes
32,54334185VK10010.3250 Yes
334334185VK10010.3300 Yes
33,54334185VK10010.3350 No
344339190VK10010.3400 Yes
34,54339190VK10010.3450 Yes
354339190VK10010.3500 Yes
35,54339190VK10010.3550 No
364344195VK10010.3600 Yes
36,54344195VK10010.3650 Yes
374344195VK10010.3700 Yes
37,54344195VK10010.3750 Yes
384349200VK10010.3800 Yes
38,54349200VK10010.3850 No
394349200VK10010.3900 Yes
39,54349200VK10010.3950 Yes
404349200VK10010.4000 Yes
40,54354205VK10010.4050 Yes
414354205VK10010.4100 Yes
41,54354205VK10010.4150 Yes
424354205VK10010.4200 Yes
434359210VK10010.4300 No
43,54359210VK10010.4350 No
444359210VK10010.4400 Yes
44,54359210VK10010.4450 No
454359210VK10010.4500 Yes
464364215VK10010.4600 Yes
474364215VK10010.4700 No
47,54364215VK10010.4750 No
484369220VK10010.4800 Yes
494369220VK10010.4900 No
49,54369220VK10010.4950 No
504369220VK10010.5000 Yes
50,54374225VK10010.5050 No
515412225VK10010.5100 Yes
525412225VK10010.5200 Yes
535412225VK10010.5300 No
545417230VK10010.5400 No
555417230VK10010.5500 Yes
565417230VK10010.5600 No
575422235VK10010.5700 No
585422235VK10010.5800 Yes
595422235VK10010.5900 No
605422235VK10010.6000 Yes
615427240VK10010.6100 No
625427240VK10010.6200 No
635427240VK10010.6300 No
645432245VK10010.6400 No
655432245VK10010.6500 No
665432245VK10010.6600 No
675432245VK10010.6700 No
685437250VK10010.6800 No
695437250VK10010.6900 No
705437250VK10010.7000 Yes
715437250VK10010.7100 No
725442255VK10010.7200 No
735442255VK10010.7300 Yes
745442255VK10010.7400 No
755442255VK10010.7500 No
765447260VK10010.7600 No
776514260VK10010.7700 No
786514260VK10010.7800 No
796514260VK10010.7900 No
806514260VK10010.8000 No
816519265VK10010.8100 No
826519265VK10010.8200 No
836519265VK10010.8300 No
846519265VK10010.8400 No
856519265VK10010.8500 No
866524270VK10010.8600 No
876524270VK10010.8700 No
886524270VK10010.8800 No
896524270VK10010.8900 No
906524270VK10010.9000 No

Cutting conditions


P.1 | Free-cutting steels, general construction steels≤ 600 N/mm²
P.2 | General construction steels, steel castings≤ 850 N/mm²
K.1 | Cast iron (≤ 240 HB)≤ 820 N/mm²
K.2 | Cast iron (> 240 HB)> 800 N/mm²
N.1 | Aluminium, Aluminium cast alloys Si (Si ≤ 6%)≤ 400 N/mm²
N.2 | Aluminium cast alloys Si (Si ≤ 12%)≤ 600 N/mm²
N.3 | Aluminium cast alloys Si (Si > 12%)≤ 600 N/mm²
N.4 | Cooper-zinc alloys, cooper-tin alloys≤ 800 N/mm²

Calculations of cutting conditions

Product attributes

Type N

Type N

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Normal profile of flute, normal core, point angle 118°. Drills made of HSS Co mildly strenghtened core, point angle 130°.
Point shape - form N

Point shape - form N

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Conical lip relief, DIN 1412 form N.
Point angle 118°

Point angle 118°

Material HSS

Material HSS

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High speed steel of average performance, it is applicable especially for cutters of smaller diameters and for milling of materials up to the strength of 900 MPa.
Tool geometry

Tool geometry

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Lead of helix 25° - 30°.
Point shape - form A

Point shape - form A

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Conical lip relief, split point, DIN 1412 form A
Right helix

Right helix

Steamtempered (Black finish)

Steamtempered (Black finish)