Double ended body drills
D l1 l2Item codeOn stock
2,5439,5VN40090.0250 Yes
2,6439,5VN40090.0260 No
2,74610,6VN40090.0270 No
2,84610,6VN40090.0280 No
34610,6VN40090.0300 No
3,14911,2VN40090.0310 No
3,24911,2VN40090.0320 Yes
3,34911,2VN40090.0330 No
3,45212,5VN40090.0340 No
3,55212,5VN40090.0350 No
3,75212,5VN40090.0370 No
3,95514VN40090.0390 No
45514VN40090.0400 Yes
4,15514VN40090.0410 No
4,25514VN40090.0420 No
4,35815,5VN40090.0430 No
4,55815,5VN40090.0450 No
4,65815,5VN40090.0460 No
4,86219VN40090.0480 No
4,96219VN40090.0490 No
56219VN40090.0500 Yes
5,16219VN40090.0510 Yes
5,26219VN40090.0520 No
5,56624VN40090.0550 No
5,66624VN40090.0560 No
5,76624VN40090.0570 No
5,86624VN40090.0580 No
66624VN40090.0600 Yes
6,17024VN40090.0610 No
6,27024VN40090.0620 No
6,47024VN40090.0640 No
6,57024VN40090.0650 No
6,87424VN40090.0680 No
77424VN40090.0700 No
87925VN40090.0800 Yes
8,57925VN40090.0850 No
98425VN40090.0900 No
9,58425VN40090.0950 No
108925VN40090.1000 Yes
10,58925VN40090.1050 No

Cutting conditions


P.1 | Free-cutting steels, general construction steels≤ 600 N/mm²
P.2 | General construction steels, steel castings≤ 850 N/mm²
N.1 | Aluminium, Aluminium cast alloys Si (Si ≤ 6%)≤ 400 N/mm²
N.2 | Aluminium cast alloys Si (Si ≤ 12%)≤ 600 N/mm²
N.3 | Aluminium cast alloys Si (Si > 12%)≤ 600 N/mm²
N.4 | Cooper-zinc alloys, cooper-tin alloys≤ 800 N/mm²

Calculations of cutting conditions

Product attributes

Tool geometry

Tool geometry

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Lead of helix 25° - 30°.
Point angle 118°

Point angle 118°

Point shape - form C

Point shape - form C

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Conical lip relief, split point, DIN 1412 form C.
Material HSS

Material HSS

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High speed steel of average performance, it is applicable especially for cutters of smaller diameters and for milling of materials up to the strength of 900 MPa.