124518PHigh-speed steel HSS Co8DIN 844K
Clamping element
Type NR-F
Tool geometry
Feed direction possibility
Material HSS Co8
End mills short, 1 tooth cut over centre, 30°, type NR-F, Weldon shank
k 12
h 6
l1 l2 Z Item codeOn stock
6657134 124518P.060 Yes
71066164 124518P.070 Yes
81069194 124518P.080 Yes
91069194 124518P.090 Yes
101072224 124518P.100 Yes
111279224 124518P.110 Yes
121283264 124518P.120 Yes
131283264 124518P.130 Yes
141283264 124518P.140 Yes
151283264 124518P.150 Yes
161692324 124518P.160 Yes
171692324 124518P.170 Yes
181692324 124518P.180 Yes
2020104384 124518P.200 Yes
2220104385 124518P.220 Yes
2425121455 124518P.240 Yes
2525121455 124518P.250 Yes
2625121455 124518P.260 Yes
2825121455 124518P.280 Yes
3025121455 124518P.300 No
3225133536 124518P.320 Yes

Cutting conditions





Ø 6

Ø 8

Ø 10

Ø 12

Ø 16

Ø 18

Ø 20

Ø 25

Ø 32
P.1 | Free-cutting steels, general construction steels≤ 600 N/mm²1,5xD0,5xD450.020.0250.0350.
P.2 | General construction steels, steel castings≤ 850 N/mm²1,5xD0,5xD390.020.0250.0350.
P.4 | Heat treatable steels≤ 900 N/mm²1,5xD0,5xD300.020.0250.0350.
P.5 | Tool steels high alloyed≤ 1100 N/mm²1,5xD0,5xD240.020.0250.0350.
M.2 | Corrosion- and acid-proof steels750 - 850 N/mm²1,5xD0,5xD150.020.0250.0350.
K.1 | Cast iron (≤ 240 HB)≤ 820 N/mm²1,5xD0,5xD350.020.0250.0350.

Calculations of cutting conditions

Product attributes

Clamping element

Clamping element

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Straight shank with clamping flat (Weldon) according to DIN 1835 B.
Tool geometry

Tool geometry

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Helix angle = 30°. Rake angle = 12°.
Material HSS Co8

Material HSS Co8

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Extra high performance high speed steel with good toughness and great temperature resistance. It is applicable especially for milling of materials with high strength, austenitic steels, steels for warm working, etc.
Type NR-F

Type NR-F

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For machining of materials of lower and medium strength (up to 700 MPa), surface roughness Ra 3,2 and more, in common application can be applied as roughing and finishing tool at the same time.
Feed direction possibility

Feed direction possibility